Leadership and Management Development Program (LMDP)


About the Project

Succession of organization’s leaders is one of the most vital and critical issues to plan for. UNRWA was facing a time when most of its organization’s leaders in top managerial positions are approaching legal retirement age. To ensure smooth transition of knowledge and skills to the second raw of management and potential leaders, the LMDP program came about. LMDP is a comprehensive capacity building program that included training, coaching, on-job support, assessment of employees and assessment of learning gained at the individual level. The program yielded new fresh blood to UNRWA with high potential, whom UNRWA invested on at a later stage through continuous online in-house courses and online higher education programs.

Areas Covered

Leadership and managerial positions succession, preparation of the second raw of organization leaders, institutionalization, institutionalization of knowledge, capacity building, training, coaching, competencies assessment.


Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria



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