Feasibility Studies


About the Project

The key purpose of having decentralized governments is to serve local citizens in a more efficient way to best meet the local needs. Local services to province/governorate citizens includes; electricity, water, garbage collection, green zones plantation and infrastructure among other basic decentralized services. The ability of public servants in the governorates to assess feasibility of public projects and best options for projects setup in terms of privately owned or publicly owned or PPP, is a key issue. The project included the conduction of a basic feasibility study to the project identified as most important by the governorate and it included capacity building of the 7 governorates public servants on how to conduct feasibility studies and decide on investment options through a mixture of in-class, on-job training and coaching.

Areas Covered

Feasibility studies, market studies, drinking water distribution feasibility, financial analysis, public services


Iraq including KRG



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