Basra Water Supply Improvement Project (BWSIP)


About the Project

BWSIP aims at contributing to solving the problem of drinking water quality in Basra governorate, the project is funded by JICA, managed by NJS  while execution of its various stages were on RFP bases with several implementing firms from Japan as well as international. MEDAL role was focusing on supporting the transformation of drinking water from pure centralized public service to privatization, where MEDAL team of experts supported the project management unit established as well as potential staff for the upcoming private drinking water Iraqi company from water departments in Baghdad and Basra. The services offered includes; technical training and study visits to selected best practices in the region, support in cost engineering of water tariffs and subsidies, evaluation of trainees in preparation for their employment in the expanded PMU. All services were conducted through a result oriented structured capacity building for PMU and Ministry of Municipalities.

Areas Covered

Government performance, service delivery enhancement, tariff, access to clean drinking water, Privatization, GIS, NRW, Supervision, Surveying, Capacity building of public servants, financial management, management, Cost engineering


Basra – Iraq



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