Institutional Excellence

  • Governance Policies (USA and Canada Model)
  • Board Governance Support
  • Corruption Sensitivity Assessment for Organizations (AACI-USA model)
  • Strategies and Business Plans
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies and Design of Initiatives
  • Feasibility Studies for Business Ideas and Growth Potentials
  • Strategy Management Automated Systems and Mobile Applications (BSC and Regular)
  • Decision Support Automated Systems (BSC and Regular)
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Systems
  • Organization/Unit/Staff Performance Assessments
  • Measuring Impact of Training “Manual Tools &/or Electronic System”
  • Initiatives/Projects’ Evaluation and Impact Assessments
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Leadership and Management Strengthening training
  • Organizational Re-structuring
  • Services Re-engineering
  • Training Needs Assessments (TNAs)
  • Succession Planning
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Plans
  • Quality Management Assessment (KACE and EFQM model)
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