Right to Work


About the Project

Work is a protected right to all. Yet, people with disabilities suffer in attaining proper jobs that match their capacities and at the same time response to their special needs. PepsiCo hired MEDAL to conduct a research and support in the selection of nominees for managerial and labor positions in Amman and Zarqa as a pilot. MEDAL team researched and a campaign, screened applications and conducted basic interviews to match skills with vacant positions allocated for educated and skilled persons with disabilities at PepsiCo HQ and plant. More than 130 persons with disabilities interviewed, shortlisted and categorized in accordance with vacancies to attend the open job fair day conducted later on by PepsiCo and supported by MEDAL team, entitled It’s my Right to Work.

Areas Covered

People with different abilities, employment of disabled, job fair, CSR, equal access to people with disability to managerial positions, employment





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